2017 Northcloud Run/Walk Series Leaderboard

2017 Northcloud Run/Walk Series Leader Board (results after Dargaville Run/Walk 2017)

What is the Northcloud Run/Walk Series Leaderboard?
The Northcloud Run/Walk Series Leaderboard is an ongoing 'Championship' to find the best runner over the event series with the finale held as part of the Kerikeri Half Marathon in November.

Why have a Leaderboard?
The series continues to, and always will cater for any person with a pair of shoes wanting to go for a walk or run with achievable 'stepping stone' distances. The Championship is just another element in order to cater for those with a more competitive interest in running and to help promote the sport of athletics in Northland.

How does the Northcloud Run/Walk Series Leaderboard work?
One distance from each of the seven events will be specified as the distance eligible for the Northcloud Run/Walk Series Leaderboard Championship. To be eligible to earn points towards the Northcloud Run/Walk Series Leaderboard you must enter and start with the 'Run' category for the specified distance. The distances included in the Northcloud Run/Walk Series Leaderboard are:

  • Chilltech Beach 2 Basin Whangarei Run/Walk: 10km
  • Hotprintz Mangawhai Run/Walk: 8.5km
  • Jennian Homes Mothers Day Fun Run/Walk - Paihia: 8.7km
  • Dargaville Veterinary Dargaville Run/Walk: 10.5km (TBC)
  • Toll Kaitaia Run/Walk: 12.5km
  • ACC Whangarei Run/Walk Festival: Half Marathon
  • ASB Kerikeri Half Marathon: Half Marathon

The first five men and women over the finish line (from the run section of the specified distance) will be awarded points based on their finishing place as follows:
- 1st = 8 Points 
- 2nd = 5 Points
- 3rd = 3 Points
- 4th = 2 Points
- 5th = 1 Points
Rules & Regulations
To be eligible the competitor must be entered in the run section of the specified Leaderboard distance and start at the correct place and time for that distance and category. 
There is both a men's and women's Leaderboard which is open to all ages.
A dead heat may be called by the organisers if some finishers are difficult to separate on the line.
Each person's best five results in the first six events in the series count towards their overall score and position and qualification to the final.
The Kerikeri Half Marathon will be the final - only the top 10 ranked competitors after their best five events in the series (pre Kerikeri Half Marathon) will be eligible for points in the final.
At the Kerikeri Half Marathon all finalists will receive points relative to where they finish to the other finalists i.e. all finalists will receive points if they finish. This means that non finalists (who in all likelihood have not run other series events) finishing ahead of finalists will not impact on the rankings for this event. 
In the case of two competitors having equal points after the Kerikeri Half Marathon final, the winner will be decided by whoever has the quickest time at the Kerikeri Half Marathon.
For events that are timed (Whangarei and Kerikeri Half Marathons), placing for Leaderboard points will be determined by gun time.

Recognition & Prizes
The first placed male & female in each Northcloud Run/Walk Series Leaderboard Championship event will be recognised at that events prize giving and will receive a free entry into the next event in the series.
The overall Championship winner will receive a trophy and free entry into all 2018 Sport Northland Run/Walk Series events.

Why is there no Competitive Walk Championship?
While this is something that we would like to work towards, the nature of administering fair, competitive walking results at all events is currently not possible.We will continue to have competitive walking sections in the Kerikeri Half Marathon.