Where does my entry fee go to?

Organisations like ours who offer professionally run events encounter numerous costs to put these events on and these costs continue to grow each year. We do not receive any government or council funding into our events programme to do this.

A sample of the costs that entry fees contribute to include:

  • Traffic Management – developing and delivery a traffic management plan
  • Road closure costs as required
  • Timing – where applicable
  • Postage, printing and other administration costs
  • Hireage – portaloos, cones, signs, tents, venues etc
  • Photographer
  • Wages & uniforms
  • Security
  • Insurance
  • Staff Training - traffic management, health & safety etc
  • Website costs including ecommerce charges
  • Bib numbers
  • Marshal groups – we give donations to all of the groups that marshal at our events
  • Payment to the event owner – three events are owned by local Athletics Clubs
  • Prizes
  • Drink stations – donations to groups manning these and cups, etc
  • Buses – where applicable
  • Accommodation for events outside of Whangarei
  • Printing – entry forms etc
  • Public Notification costs
  • Equipment purchase and maintenance
  • Resources costs – computers, phones, vehicle costs etc
  • St John to provide emergency care
  • Prizes
  • Entertainment

Supporting our Northland Community
Charities and community groups earned approximately $40,000 as a direct result of involvement with our events last year (either for providing assistance or through direct fundraising).

Sport Northland is a charitable trust and a registered charity (registration number CC27987) therefore should our events programme manage to turn a profit, this is reinvested into the community programmes that we provide to get more people more active.

Big events like the Kerikeri Half Marathon are also good for the community with an estimated economic impact of over $2 million.